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Butchery Masterclass

Join us for our Meat & Butchery Masterclass experience in 2024. The perfect gift for friends and family. Learn from our own artisan butcher about the skills and dying art of butchery craft.
  • Our class begins at 9:30am.
  • You will be warmly greeted with a welcome cup of coffee or tea and our own dry cured bacon sandwich.
  • You will then be talked through the itinerary of the day and we will begin around 10.15am after you have been suited and booted with our very attractive hair nets and white over coats!
  • We will teach you how to de bone, tie a butchers knot, make sausages amongst many other things in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You can choose the cuts that you wish to take home and prepare the meat your way! Sharing with you an informative, behind the scenes tour of our factory where we make to order our own products!
  • Breaking for a cold buffet lunch to enjoy a selection of our own produce we will answer any of your questions and finish off by packaging your products to take home at around 2pm where you will leave with all your meat that you have prepared along with a complimentary Country Victualler Apron, butchers boning knife and gloves.
There is a minimum requirement of 5 people. Maximum of 10 participants per session. We will post the masterclass ticket for the date selected to your delivery address.
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